Final Episode: Alchemy of Souls

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The final episode of season one, Episode 20, of Alchemy of Souls was released last Sunday, at around 10:00 p.m. PH time through Netflix. . As expected, the ending was a cliffhanger. Personally, I’m quite disappointed with the turned of events on the final episode. I thought it would end with at least a happy ending before the release of season two which according to news will happen on December.

The episode ended with Jang Uk coming out from the fire where his body was being burnt. Yes, Jang Uk died but only for a moment. He was killed by Mudeok with Naksu’s soul and skills while the later was under the spell of Jin Mu. This was quite confusing. In previous episodes, it was explained that Buyeon is controlling Naksu’s soul. There was no shifting of soul happened but an entrapment. Naksu’s soul was trapped in Mudeok’s body. But on the last episode, Naksu started to be under the control of Jin Mu and just like a hypnotized being, she followed Jin Mu’s commands. She was back to the Shadow Assassin and stabed Jang Uk. Naksu found herself in a lake which is known as the soul-shifter’s grave and decided to end her life. But it was shown that she was being rescued by two unidentified persons. While Jang Uk came out from fire with no more wound.

The more interesting part is the preview of the season 2. Jung So Min, who portrays, Buyeon, Mudeok and Naksu was not included in the preview which made me a bit disappointed. I am curious how the story will end on season 2. I hope the Jung So Min is still in season 2 and not revealing it is just part marketing strategy. Otherwise, I will miss her mischievous smile. Acting wise, the cast portrays each role very well. But the Queen/Shaman Choi for me is the best.

If you haven’t started watching it, the plot is quite interesting. Though some episodes might be dragging, it is tolerable. The proof is I was able to complete season 1 😀

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