Mr. Queen: Episode 18, the Counter Attack of Memories

  • Sumo

I am not happy with the turn of events in the 18th episode of Mr. Queen. Is it the director or the writes who seems to be in haste to end the drama without considering the coherence of the events?

The purpose of the Queen’s visit to Prince Yeongpyeong and Special Director Hong and was not revealed until the end of the episode. Will there be a flashback of this scene on the coming last two episodes?

Same with the scene with former Royal Noble Consort Eui after the death of the king was announced. I find Queen Cheorin’s reason to inform the Royal Noble Consort Eui that the king is still alive lacking.

The Queen is in her early pregnancy and doing strenuous activities like jumping and walking. Will she end up having miscarriage? I hope not!

She even run when the royal soldiers came to catch her and her lady courts.

The most disappointing part is when Lady Court Choi was slashed with sword. But I don’t see any blood so I guess she will live. I loved her character in the story and I’m hoping that she will be in the happy ending.

I also regretted viewing the preview of the next episode because in the last part of the preview, the Queen saw something or someone while holding hands with the conceited Kim Byeong In. Based on her reaction, it might be King Cheoljong.

This is the first time I engaged with an ongoing KDRAMA. Waiting for the next episode is like waiting for the lake to be filled with water 😀

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