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This is a warning. Those who have contributions or loans from SSS should always keep their receipts. The posted contributions/payments on their site might just suddenly disappear just like what happen to my loan payments made from 2012 to 2014. I was still able to see the posted payments last September but when I checked again last November, all the payments were gone except for just 1 payment. They are now asking me to pay 93k for a 24k loan.

I have contacted SSS via their contact us email address last December 18, 2020 to complaint about this matter and they are now putting the burden to produce the receipts on me.

They didn’t even bother to tell me that they will verify my claim on their end. What a support?! I don’t think their solution is acceptable.

As a web-developer, I know that database records will not be lost unless the system is hacked, there was a glitch in the system or the records were deleted either intentionally or accidentally. Which one happened to their application?

Good application system should also have a history log to track the changes made to the record, who and when it was changed.

Now the question is, what happened to the records of my payments? What will happen if I could not produce the receipts since it was already 8 years ago. I am wondering how many members experienced the same ? Can the members trust their system? Is it reliable? This is very frustrating and disappointing.


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  1. Was this resolved? This also happened to me. Problems is the loan payment was made almost a decade so I don’t have any proof of payment. Very frustrating!

    1. Not yet sir. Very frustrating indeed! Maybe we can gather those who encounter the same issue and file a one-time complaint. I don’t know if they will make any action if we complain individually.

      1. I think i am having a heart attack with this issue, I’ve made my full payment july 2020 from 7k balance to 14k which is acceptable since I didn’t pay it for 3 yrs .but when i checked my SSS online account i was shocked becase i have an obligation of 35k ! I went to the branch to complain with the copy of receipts with me , they asked me to wait but they’re not doing anything because the interest still getting high from thr salary loan that is already paid! I suggest if you have the emails of all the people who commented to this post .let’s coordinate and make one tome complaint. I think hnd nla aasikasuhin pababalik balikin ka lng nla gaya ng ngyayari sakin ngaun. Wlang ngyayari sa Missing payment na sinubmit nla. @everyone

        1. Hello Ma’am,
          Mine was resolved. I only discovered it last Saturday. I think they made the update last November 2022, few months after I presented them the available receipts I have. Please photo copy your receipts, file a payment dispute. They will work on this.

          I pitied those who have no more receipts. The personnel said that they cannot do anything about it even if this is their error 🙁

  2. Same case po. Kaka-check ko lang ngayon at naglahong parang bula ang mga payments ko maliban sa isa.

    May update po ba sa inyo? Ano po kayang pwedeng gawin?

    1. Nagpunta po ako sa SSS to present my existing receipts pinabalik po ako after 1 month kaso nung bumalik po ako ayaw na akong papasukin dahil ang dahilan mabagal internet nila and dami na daw nakapasok na clients 🙁

    1. Do you have your receipt sir Paul? I am thinking that many people were affected and I am looking for people with the same experience but with receipts so many we can request for investigation why the missing payments suddenly disappear.

      1. I have the same experience!!! Just this year, my paid loans from long time ago rose back from the grave! Let’s do something about this and throw them a massive social message to compel to act without burdening us to find receipts you already threw away coz they were already posted in the system before.

        1. True. Grabe po talaga sila. Yan din ung question ko dun sa SSS personnel pero ang sagot nila kaya daw dapat d tinatapon ung receipt 🙁

        2. Let’s coordinate and make one time complain. I think pg madami tyo pwde tyo mg lega complain mas papansinin. Pra akong aatakihin sa puso sa gnagawa nla.

  3. Same situation here. Did sss resolve the issue? Please contact me. Desperate of a solution

    1. No, not yet! I actually wrote this post to see if there are other people with the same issue. Because I believe something happened on their db.

  4. Hello Mylene, I have the same issue. Did you make another complaint after the last message you got from SSS or were you able to correct this issue?

  5. Hello Ms Mylene, gusto lang sana malaman what happen po sa missing sss loan payments nyo, naayos na po ba? kasi ganun din nangyari sa loan payments ko, this past few days ko lang natuklasan, Im really worried kasi yung company na pinasukan ko ay nagclose na, my only proof ay yung payslip ko na lang na naitago ko.

  6. This happened to me this week. I went to the SSS branch to make a payment for my SSS loan which was left unpaid over the course of time.

    I had the teller assist me with how much I still needed to pay in order to qualify for a loan. I was so close to bringing my balance below 50% of the original loan principal. Eventually, just to get everything over and done with, I paid the required amount. The teller told me to wait for 2 to 3 days for the payment to get posted. Afterwards, I can file for a loan.

    Three days after (that being today), I checked my online portal. I was ready to file a loan. To my dismay, it is now showing that I needed to pay an extra 60k because no payments were showing aside from the one I did 3 days ago.

    I personally went to the branch to report my concern. Everyone kept telling me they could not do anything about it. The only thing I can do, so I was told, was to file a request to recover my records. I was told it may take several days. Now I have to do so much legwork. It’s not even my fault. I was even told by the representative at the counter that they cannot do anything to expedite the process.

    I cannot imagine how many more people got affected by this

    1. Do you have your receipts ma’am? Someone is malicious deleting the payments 🙁 If you have your receipt maybe we can file a group complaint and have SSS investigate why the payments suddenly disappeared.

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