Missing SSS Loan Payment

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This is a warning. Those who have contributions or loans from SSS should always keep their receipts. The posted contributions/payments on their site might just suddenly disappear just like what happen to my loan payments made from 2012 to 2014. I was still able to see the posted payments last September but when I checked again last November, all the payments were gone except for just 1 payment. They are now asking me to pay 93k for a 24k loan.

I have contacted SSS via their contact us email address last December 18, 2020 to complaint about this matter and they are now putting the burden to produce the receipts on me.

They didn’t even bother to tell me that they will verify my claim on their end. What a support?! I don’t think their solution is acceptable.

As a web-developer, I know that database records will not be lost unless the system is hacked, there was a glitch in the system or the records were deleted either intentionally or accidentally. Which one happened to their application?

Good application system should also have a history log to track the changes made to the record, who and when it was changed.

Now the question is, what happened to the records of my payments? What will happen if I could not produce the receipts since it was already 8 years ago. I am wondering how many members experienced the same ? Can the members trust their system? Is it reliable? This is very frustrating and disappointing.


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7 thoughts on “Missing SSS Loan Payment

  1. Same situation here. Did sss resolve the issue? Please contact me. Desperate of a solution

    1. No, not yet! I actually wrote this post to see if there are other people with the same issue. Because I believe something happened on their db.

  2. Hello Mylene, I have the same issue. Did you make another complaint after the last message you got from SSS or were you able to correct this issue?

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