My 3 Wishes

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Few years ago, I started praying for three material things; a decent cellphone, a decent portable sewing machine and an oven. During that time, I was using an Alcatel Pop C9. I desired to have a more decent cellphone that time because the phone I was using would not allow me to install applications I need for my work. The phone’s memory and storage capacity were insufficient.

My desire to have a sewing machine arose because it has been my dream to make my daughters’ and my own dresses. I have started sewing my daughters skirts using a very basic sewing machine. Husband bought it from Lazada which was on sale that time. The sewing machine, though not that efficient, served its purpose with light fabrics. It was a good machine for practice. Then I dreamed to have a real portable sewing machine. Two of these three things have been answered by God with a YES.

I got a decent mobile phone two years ago when Husband gave me his one – year old Samsumg J7 Prime. He got his Iphone 6 anyway. I was so happy then because I can now install the applications that I can use with my work even when I’m away from my laptop.

Last year, Pastor Jun, my father in faith, brought with him from U.S. his SINGER – TALENT sewing machine as a payment for Php 5, 000.00 the borrowed from me a year ago of. The machine has never been used and has more features than the sewing machine I was planning to buy that time. So God gave me a better sewing machine than I want but in much lesser cost.

That same year, while chatting with my friend who lives in Quezon City using Messenger, I mentioned to her that I really want to try to bake but I don”t have an oven. That I did try some no – bake recipies onlie during my dull moments. She quickly volunteered to give me her sister”s oven which just sits on her small kitchen. I was delighted! Finally, I thought, I would have an oven. But there is one challenge, how are we going to bring the oven to Bohol. She inquired with different couriers but the cost was so expensive.

Last year, 2019, Husband and I need to stay in Quezon city. He stayed there for more than 6 months while I stayed for more than a month. I was thinking that finally we could bring the oven here in Bohol once we get back.

A week before our scheduled flight back to Bohol, we got the oven from my friend’s house so Husband can wrap it with carton. I suggested that we ship it via a bus ahead and just have someone here in Bohol claim it from the bus terminal. Husband agreed but changed his mind later. He decided to just ship it via air cargo the same schedule of our flight going to Bohol. Unfortunately, we were not able to bring the oven. The airline cargo required that the oven be in crate but we have no more time to do that since our flight will just be in couple of hours. We have no choice but to request those who drove us to the airport to bring it back to the church temporarily. I was really sad that we were not able to bring the oven. You know the feeling that you are about to get your long-time dream fulfilled but suddenly everything was gone? Exact feeling that I had. Of course, I could not show that I’m really disappointed because my husband might start to throw his temper in the airport and besides he didn’t also expect that it would be that way. It was actually my fault. If only I could bring the oven by myself to the terminal bus, the oven would be in Bohol even before we get back to Bohol.

In this life, there are desires that God would grant immediately but there are also desires that would require so much patience from us before it will be granted and there are desires that will never be granted. Let us just accept it and move on.

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