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During college days, we had an internship program in which the graduating students were deployed to real companies to work as real software developers. One of the things I really enjoyed during my internship was doing client visits because I had the chance to travel and meet real professionals. For a college student like me who had no experience in traveling alone, this was exciting. I also had the chance to see different office environments which led me to dream the office setup I want when I applied for a job after graduation.

The most unique office setup I’ve seen was the company of our client inside PEZA in General Trias Cavite. It was also my first time to see buildings not made of cement but steel. Yes, it was my first time to see steel buildings. I thought those buildings were just big garages or warehouses. I also thought that because the buildings were made of steel, it was very hot inside. So when I entered in our client’s building, I was amazed. Inside the steel building was a real office setup with computers, tables, cubes and most importantly, it was not hot. As a matter of fact, their office was colder than our office in Makati. I was also stunned to see the people inside in white robes, with gloves, masks and hair caps. They looked like surgeons rather than office staffs. I was more amazed when I was asked to remove my shoes and was given a pair of slippers. I was also told to remove any metal in my body like watch, belt and the like. I was given a locker where I placed my things. I thought, I would also be asked to wear that white robe. In my mind, it would be fun. But to my dismay, I was already brought to my contact person’s office.

Do you have an idea what was the nature of my client’s business? It was a semi-conductor company. Probably, that was the usual setup of most semi-conductor companies. It was a great experience for me to visit such kind of office.

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