Day To Day Stories

My Mistake Haunts Me

If you are database administrator or programmer, you will understand my problem. But if not, I suggest that you stop reading this post and find another one which will be of your interest. I’m stressed and pressured since Monday. My mistake in restoring a wrong database backup last August 16 still haunts me.  I didn’t realize that I restored a…

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Nothing Change In Terms of Work Load

I thought transferring here in Panglao would give me less pressure from my job because I am no longer working as a permanent employee but on a contractual basis only. I was asked to resign from my post but that is another story. I was wrong. The same work load and hours (and even more) was required of me but…

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All About Work, Womanhood

Unique Office Setup

During college days, we had an internship program in which the graduating students were deployed to real companies to work as real software developers. One of the things I really enjoyed during my internship was doing client visits because I had the chance to travel and meet real professionals. For a college student like me who had no experience in…

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