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grocery couponsNowadays that the economy is getting tough, one of the biggest challenges for mothers like me is how to extend our incomes to meet our expenses and be able to save some amount for our future and unexpected expenses. Isnt’ we grab every opportunity so we can buy quality products for less price? We look for discounts, wait for sales, and diligently cut discount coupons from news paper.

Good news to working moms like me who face computers from eight to twelve hours a day. Grocery coupons are now widely available over the net. No need for scissors, coupons can directly be sent to printers and presto, you already have a discount coupon which you can use for your next grocery schedule. There are also some coupons which can directly be sent to your phone via SMS. Thanks to technology for making our lives easier 🙂

To save your time finding the right site to visit, I listed down the top five sites offering printable coupons (Source: smartmoney.com) for your reference.


Find out about the latest coupons and deals through daily updates on the site and its weekly email newsletter. A favorite in our broader e-coupon site assessment, Coupons.com lets visitors browse by food category, or check out offers expiring within the week. Enter your zip code to see even more offers. Click on the coupons you want and print them all at once. Some stores still don’t accept home-printed coupons, so check that your store does before downloading the site’s coupon-printing software.


Answer questions about your shopping habits and boost the savings you receive on a range of printable coupons and offers. (For Biz Stain Fighter products, noting your current brand preference and time zone made a $1 coupon jump to $2.50, while saying which baking powder and cornstarch brands you use pushed a 50-cent Clabber Girl baking powder offer to 65 cents.) Enter your zip code, and you’ll get listings of sales in your area.

The Coupon Clippers

If you’d rather not go the home-printed coupon route, look to this clipping service for more than 1,300 options from Sunday circulars and manufacturers. Load your cart, and they’ll mail you the paper coupons. You’ll pay a small per-coupon handling fee (five cents per copy of a coupon worth 50-cents), plus a 50-cent administration fee per order and 42 cents or so for shipping. Orders must meet the $3 minimum, and most coupons require a minimum of five copies. Given all the fees, make sure you’re saving enough to offset the cost — or split the price and coupons with a friend or neighbor, advises Catherine Williams, vice president of financial literacy for Money Management International, which oversees nonprofit credit-counseling agencies.


This free service from AOL offers clipped and printable coupons. Simply click on the coupons you want. The online account syncs with your grocery store loyalty card and automatically redeems the coupons when swiped at checkout. The catch: Coupon offerings and participating stores are still relatively sparse. AOL’s ShortCuts is currently available only for Kroger (KR: 22.69, +0.29, +1.29%) supermarkets, including Ralphs, City Market and Fry’s.


Browse the free print-out coupons by category, or enter your zip code to check out store specials in your area. (Parent company Valassis creates Sunday newspaper coupon circulars, so you know you’re getting the most usable fare, says Phil Lempert, founder of Supermarket Guru.) You can also save coupons for later, or send them to a friend. Download the Sweet Saver widget to alert you to new coupons on the site as you surf the Internet.

Just take note the restrictions of the coupon carefully and you will definitely add some savings on your budget with this coupons.

How about you? How do you squeeze in your budget?

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