Stressful Week

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my husband and I are cramming packing up our things for our plan to move out this coming Friday. This week is also my daughter’s 2nd Quarterly Exam. We were not able to review last weekend because we were busy preparing for the move-out. Thus, we also cram refreshing her with her lessons.…

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Got Rid Of Acne

Acne problem is more than just an aesthetic concern. Having this problem affects one’s self-esteem. Those who have acne, especially on the face, are shy and less confident. They feel embarrassed by their peers’ teasing. Added to that, acne is also painful and gives irritating feeling. I knew the feeling because I once was in the same situation. Hence, how to…

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All About Hubby

Red Pimples

I noticed two big red pimples on my husband’s face yesterday so I teased him that it is really undeniable that he is really in love me, LOL. Between me and my husband, he is more prone to acne problems. Probably because his face is oily. If not pimples, he is complaining about his white heads. Good thing, his pimples…

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