Stressful Week

  • Sumo

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my husband and I are cramming packing up our things for our plan to move out this coming Friday. This week is also my daughter’s 2nd Quarterly Exam. We were not able to review last weekend because we were busy preparing for the move-out. Thus, we also cram refreshing her with her lessons. Unfortunately, she’s not being cooperative. Her handwriting is still delayed. She tends to forget how to write the letters, number and number words which were taught to her before. So doing the review in haste gets frustrating. Aside from that, my schedule with my project with my full-time job is also critical. With all these stressful activities at hand, it is very much possible that my pimples will start showing up again. But I hope they will not so I will not also need a salicylic acid peel to get rid of them.

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