Dreaming On A Short Vacation

  • Sumo

A short vacation will be very much appreciated after this tiring and stressful week. How I wish my family can visit my friend’s mom’s place again in Puerto Gallera. The place is really peaceful. Only the sound of the bumping waves can be heard. The design of the house gives a refreshing atmosphere. Only the walls are cemented. Most parts of the house were constructed using wood including the floors and the veranda which is facing the sea. In every part of the house, there is cabin furniture carefully placed to add a countryside ambiance. To make the place more distinctive than an ordinary city residence, a nipa hut (bahay kubo) was built on the left side of the main house.

Visiting such place after an exhaustive week will surely be great. But that will just be a dream for now because my project is still in the peak of the implementation until probably next week. Aside from that, we need to save some money for our December vacation and long-term relocation (by God’s will) in the near future.

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