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from now we will vacate the place where we stayed for almost four years. My husband and I (more of my husband, LOL) were almost done packing. We have contacted a trucking service which will transport our belongings from our current place to Bulacan. The cheapest we got from Q.C to Bulacan was Php 2,500. They gave us that price because we would betraveling by night.

Not all our things will fit my parents’ super small house. A kind neighbor who bought two house-units allowed us to store some of our things in their vacant unit until the construction of the said unit started. It is a blessing for us because we don’t need to pay them for the storage fee.

My daughter was already picked up yesterday by my mother so my husband and I can move freely with our packing. Her presence delays the packing process because she needs to be attended too and she does not want some appliances to be packed like the TV and DVD player. She also wants to get her books and toys inside the box from time to time. So hubby and I decided to send her ahead in Bulacan ^_^ to make the preparation faster.

Tomorrow we will be living in a new environment. I am praying that the everything will work well, at least even for a short of period of time ^_^. We don’t intend to stay with my parents for so long 🙂

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  2. Good luck with your moving and by the way, I will feature your badge in my sidebar for free in one month because you are in my Top 3 commenter for the month of October.Congrats!

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