Bid Goodye To Buying A New TV

  • Sumo

I don’t know when will be able to buy a new TV as a replacement for our damaged Devant LCD TV. I think it has been more than a year since the LCD of our Devant TV suddenly gave up. Since then we never had a chance to buy a replacement. Our budget didn’t permit us. This is the reason why we don’t know if there is any storm or any catastrophe visiting our place. My mother, who is in Bulacan, is usually the one who informs me when Panglao Bohol has a storm signal.

My hope to have a new TV looks dimmer especially now that my income from my day job has decreased by more than 50% yet there is no change with our payable. Saving some amount for the TV becomes more impossible. My only consolation is that we have an internet connection and computers at home. We can check the news using the computer. I bade goodbye to LCD TV and crimson mounts for the mean time while waiting for the perfect timing to meet them. Anyway we can live without any television at home.

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