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I shared in my previous post that this month is a busy month for me because of the preparation for the church’s 7th Founding Church Anniversary which made me think that an invitation to be a sponsor in a wedding is very untimely. But nonetheless dear husband and I grant the invitation.

Don’t you think I’m too young to be a Ninang of a couple? That’s my initial reaction when I learned that Dear Husband and I were requested to be primary sponsors in the wedding. The groom was even older than my Hubby. Besides our own marriage is still young so I believe we were not yet qualified. But like I said, we grant the invitation because it seems that the couple was decided to get us as two of their primary sponsors.

So on the 28th of November we will be on our way to Danao where the famous E.A.T Danao is to attend a wedding. The “we” includes my two daughters. Danao is 100km away from Tagbilaran plus Panglao is 18 km from Tagbilaran. So we will be traveling around 230+ km back-and-forth on the 28th. I hope the vehicle will not give us any trouble on the very long trip.


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