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It is summer time once again. This is the best time to engage our kids to fun and profitable summer workshops? As for Daughter S, I am thinking of enrolling her to a swimming lesson in a nearby college which offers swimming classes. But Hubby and I haven’t agreed yet. I still need to persuade him more :-p. I hope he agrees. The reason why I want my daughter to learn to swim is because it will add confidence to her and also for her safety since she loves to play in the sea.

The cost of swimming lesson here in Panglao Bohol is cheaper than the fees in Metro Manila. And since she has her own money, we can use that to pay the lesson fee and buy the other accessories she might for the lesson.

How about you? What summer activity your kids are interested to join? Will you be willing to buy bach trumpet this summer for your kids and enroll them in trumpet lessons?

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  1. I would love for my son to learn how to swim too. I plan to enroll him for some swimming lessons in the future also . 🙂

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