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Developmental Delays

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My son is almost 32 months now but could not still speak properly. It is the same child who did not start walking until he was 17 months old which is already outside the normal range for walking. We have started noticing his speech / language delay when we learned that his cousin who is a month younger to him can already communicate well. When a former officemate posted something about development concerns, I sent her a message to ask some questions. I learned that she consulted a development pediatrician to assess her son and her son has improved a lot from the time they started the therapy. According to her, the earlier to identify the gap the easier and faster it will be fixed. Since then I have started looking for development pediatrician.

During my 4th child’s 6th – month checkup, an  ASQ (Ages & Stages Questionnaires) was done. When the assigned pediatrician explained to me the result which falls within the normal range and a big relief to me, I had the chance to inquire if she knows any developmental pediatrician. She informed me that there is no developmental pediatrician in Bohol but there are four in Cebu. We need to get an appointment first before going there because they do not entertain walk – in patients. The queue for development pediatricians are quite long that it would take two months before we can be probably entertained.

After learning that there is no developmental pediatrician here in Bohol, I tried to check if there is an ASQ for my son’s age and the good thing is, here is. I downloaded a copy and scanned the questions. I tried to answer them based on my observations. Some of the items are not yet being done by my son which made me think more that we really need a specialist who can assess the developmental delays of my son and can help my son catch up the delays. But that is not yet possible at the moment. So I’m thinking to use the ASQ as guidelines on what to build with my son while waiting for an opportunity to meet with a specialist. I’m also requesting my former officemate’s to share with me the activities suggested by their therapist for her son. Probably, it could also help my son.

With my sons developmental delays, I felt that I neglected him and was not able to give him the care that he needs. As I recall, I usually requested someone to help me put him to sleep or take care of him while I was attending my other responsibilities. I feel sorry for my son. I should have prioritize him over any other things 🙁 I just hope that it is not yet too late to fix the developmental gap.

May the Lord help us.

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2 thoughts on “Developmental Delays

  1. Hi maam, I have a son same situation like yours. Im also from Bohol. Please share some tips. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  2. Hi maam, can i ask you some questions.. I have a son same situation like yours. Im also from Bohol. Hope to hear from you soon.. Thank you so much.

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