My Daughter’s Composition

  • Sumo

Below is my eldest child’s write up. She was doing this while waiting for our turn during my 4th’s child visit to the doctor last Monday. My daughter is 10 years old. The write up is not perfect but still I am amazed that she can compose such. I discovered this composition while I was trying to close the open applications of my phone. She is not aware that I have read it and now sharing it to the public hehehe. So in case you read it and you meet with my daughter later on, please don’t mention it to her.

I was training in the forest when I heard my auntie calling my name.
“Musa time for dinner.”
“Coming auntie.”
I raced down the forest to our family-sized cabin. The sweet-smelling odor filling the surrounding. I bursted inside and cried,
“Here I am!”
My aunt was taken aback from my sudden outburst. She looked quite surprised that I want to laugh so hard. When she recovered from her surprise she said,
“Stupid girl, you almost gave me a heart attack ! How dare you do that to your 80-year old aunt. If only I could give you punish you by not giving you supper.”
She thought for a moment before muttering,
“But I suppose, since you are my niece, that I can punish you the way I want to. Run along to bed without eating supper you wicked child.”
My aunt cackled, evilly.
I was overcome with awe. My aunt and I were so close when my parents were still alive. Never would she dare to do such thing to me. She had been going like this since mom and dad died.
~• Flashback •~
My family, including my aunt, were sitting in our chairs around the table, eating our supper. Suddenly, the door flew open. Three masked man marched in.
“What do you want ?” My father immediately said.
The men said nothing ,instead, he knocked my father unconscious. They also knocked my mother unconscious. My aunt and I barely escaped. We went to the garden and went to the base of the fir tree. There, we found a trapdoor and climbed in. About 12 :00 midnight, my aunt and I both climbed out. We both went back to our house. To our horror, the dining room was full of blood. There were corpses on the floor. When we went nearer, we realized that the corpse were mom and dad!!!!
~•End of Flashback•~
I had not realized that my eyes are brimming with tears. Without hesitation, I ran towards my room. Memories are kicking in, causing more tears to overflow. I was thankful that I reached my room. I ran to my bed, buried my face in the soft pillows, and cried. I remembered the times we were happy, the times I spent with my mom, the times my dad will comfort me in sad times. I wish that those times are back again.
“Mom and Dad, how are you living in heaven ? Are you feelin’ happy or sad? I wish that auntie will understand my feelings, emotions. But it seems that she doesn’t understand.” I cried, while looking at heaven.
Am I a really bad child, for my parents to suffer? It seems that I am the unluckiest child in the whole world. But why??😢😭

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