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Breastfeeding Journey

  • Sumo

My breastfeeding journey with my 3 year and 3 month old daughter has not yet totally reached the finish line. There were nights that she still requested to be breastfed but there were also nights that she could cope up without any. Our sessions do not last for so long. I could not the take the pain when her teeth rest on my nipple for so long. After each breastfeeding session, her teeth leaves a crown-like mark on my breast and it is indeed painful. My daughter usually withdraws fro sucking when I asks her to do so but request for the other breast.

Come July, I’ll be giving birth to another baby.  My husband and I had started orienting my daughter that when the baby comes, she has to give way to the new baby. Sometimes, she would agree but sometimes she would tell us that they share with the milk. One breast for the baby and the other one for her. Sometimes, she would request us to buy her a cow so she can breastfeed on the cow just like child on the video we’ve seen :D.

I feel blessed that I can still breastfeed my 2nd though I’m already expecting to my next child. I don’t feel any contractions whenever I breastfeed my daughter so I think it is still safe. I am prepared to do a breastfeeding tandem to my 2nd and 3rd child if my 2nd does not want to stop breastfeeding yet. Anyway, it will not be forever that she enjoy my milk.


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  1. Hi sis. Ngayon ko lang nalaman na you’re expecting another bundle of joy. 🙂 Congrats sis! Ang saya ng maraming bagets sa bahay. Minsan naiisip ko rin ang ganyan kaso I’m too old na for another child hehe. Congrats ulit sis. 🙂

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