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Recently, I started my journey to stock investment. What convinced me? The story of Bo’s maids convinced me to invest on stocks. Just like Bo’s maid, I don’t also earn that much. Aside from my low income, I also need to support my parents financially. But I have a monthly “paluwagan” in which my entire year contribution  is returned to me by the end of the year with minimal interest. Instead of joining the “paluwagan”, I will just invest on stocks the money I set aside monthly for it.  After contemplating and praying, I decided (with my husband’s approval) to open an account with COL Financial.

COL Financial is an online stockbrokerage firm same with BPITrade. But why I chose COL over BPI? Simply because I find the instructions for opening an account with COL easier and simpler than BPI :D. I just sent the filled-out form and the required documents via courier  to COL Financial‘s office and after a week, I got an email from them telling me that my application was approved. Included in the email is my account number and password.

Funding my COL account is not also a burdensome. I just enrolled my COL account to my Bills on my BPI Express online account and presto, I can fund my COL account anytime. The payment reflects on my COL dashboard in less than an hour. That fast!

I am totally a newbie in stock investment. The only knowledge I have is the Easy Investment Program (EIP) discussed by Mr. Bo on his “My Maid Invests in the Stock Markert” booklet.  But I took the risk :D. On July 1, I  bought my first shares from Ayala Land Inc (ALI). Right now, I minimal shares from 5 companies. One of them is Cebu Pacific Inc (CEB) which recently give out dividends. I received mine. It was very small because I only have 10 shares from CEB. But still, it is bigger than the interest I get from my savings account.

If you are interested with stock investment, there are so many free guides online. You can check this step-by-step tutorial  and DailyPik. So far, these sites are my guides.  If you have the resources, you can also subscribe to Mr. Bo’s  Truly Rich Club. You can also like the Facebook pages about stock investments to gain more knowledge about stocks.

I will be sharing my investment experiences as a newbie here so stay with me as I go through this journey. God Bless!

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2 thoughts on “Stock Investment

  1. This is interesting sis. Sana magkaroon din kami ng extra fund para sa mga ganito. We dont even have a savings account. Your experience with stock investment will be my guide kung sakali.Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Wala rin kami savings sis maliban dun sa monthly paluwagan namin hahaha… subok-subok lang din 😀 actually ngayon puro red ang ang aking portfolio pero ok lng baka in the long run mag green din 😀

      Ang kagandahan sa COL you can start as low as 5000 🙂 then you can add anytime you have extra fund 🙂

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