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My tasks for my day time job have been light since last week and that means less income since I am in a no-work-no-pay position. The two projects I’m working with are slowing down. I have been in sluggish mode for almost two weeks now. But the fewer tasks I have in my day time work, the less productive I have become :(. I guess my body is already immune to a multitasking environment everyday. So don’t wonder why I seldom update this blog. I think I am enjoying the less stressful days too much 😀

But this “slowing down” should not last for too long, otherwise I will have nothing to serve on our table. This is sad but this is the fact. I should enjoy the “light” days only for a while because if this continues for so long my pocket will be emptied and we will die of starvation :D. That is just an exaggeration. I am confident that the Lord didn’t call us here in Bohol to die in hunger. He brought us here, hence He will also provide for our needs.  But if we die here, it is for His glory and we lose nothing.

Actually, I have started praying to the Lord to give me a means to earn enough for my family and my parents without being tied-up in front of the computer for so long. As a pastor’s wife and a mother of two wonderful daughters, I have other duties aside from earning for my family and my parents. But the 24 hours are always not enough especially if more than 8 hours should be spent working online. So I am praying for less hour of work but with almost the same income. Is that possible? I believe so if it is the Lord’s will. There is nothing impossible with God and there is nothing too hard for Him. I just have to trust His way and wait.


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