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Choosing To Be Happy

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I often hear that being happy is a choice. According to some it is just a matter of perspective. But sometimes it is hard to choose tobe happy

if we are carrying so many


and facing so many


but we don’t get the


we need. Sometimes we can’t help but to cry

as if crying can lessen our


Often times we forget that ourHelper

is just a


away.  So if we find it difficult to be happy because of our burdens, remember that

in-every-life-we-have-some-trouble-when-you-worry-you-make-it-double-dont-worry-be-happy--18e0fAnd most of all we can claim God’s promise in

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2 thoughts on “Choosing To Be Happy

  1. Amen to this…Ma-share ko lang sis minsan (madalas) may mga payables na akala namin ‘di mababayaran pero may dumadating na fund para maibayad sa obligasyon. Naisip ko minsan bakit kaya sapat na panggastos lang, sana may sobrang biyaya naman na dumating para sa ibang pangangailangan… 😉

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