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Goodbye Diapers

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After two years and four months, we are almost ready to say our goodbyes to diapers , a kind of parting which I am very much excited to embrace hihihi.  For a week now, our Toddler has stopped wearing diaper during day time. She could not identify yet a full-bladder so she needs to be brought to the comfort room few minutes after drinking any liquid. There were still incidents but only if we forgot to bring her to the toilet. Unlike urinating, she can recognize when she needs to poo and she informs us before that thing comes out. So far no incidents yet and hopefully there will be none 😀

Few day ago, she has stopped wearing diapers at night too. We noticed that her diaper was still dry for few consecutive mornings. Thus, we decided to try not to put on her on diaper. We just let her pee before she sleeps. Since then, only had one incident until last night.

We are almost done with diapers, thank God! My guilt feeling for using disposable diapers will be over. SIgh! Saying goodbye to disposable diapers means additional savings from our month budget. But i have to skip this month becauseI promised the Tiny Toddler that the budget for diapers will be used to buy her new cute panties with flower designs (for her anything with flower design  is cute). It is also getting harder to find a 2XL diapers (XL no longer fits her). Only branded diapers have this size, hence more expensive.

Well, I am hoping that this is the end of my journey with disposable diapers. If ever God will bless us with another child, I’ll pray that He provide us with budget for reusable cloth diapers and a helper to assist me with the laundry.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Diapers

  1. Good news nga yan sis. Malaking katipiran kapag graduate na mga bagets sa disposable diaper. Si Khalil nga sis nakagamit pa ng adult diaper dahil wala na magkasya sa kanya na pang bata. hehe

    1. True! Ang mga mumurahing diaper wala pa namang mga XXL kaya mapipilitang bumili ng branded. Kaya malaking katipiran talaga 🙂

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