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  • Sumo

I am in the process of transferring my blogs and my clients’ blogs to my friend’s hosting. Funds are getting low and it is no longer practical to maintain my hosting. Thanks to my friend who agree to share her hosting with me. In exchange, I’ll shoulder half of her hosting fee. That is not bad since some of my clients have already closed their blogs too. Only few are left operating.

I still have a month to transfer all the blogs. I have completed the transfer of some blogs and now I am left with few more. I have completed consolidating my blogs to one blog which is this site. I chose to retain this site because this is the only domain which has a rank.

May God help me that before the end of April, I’ll be able to transfer all the blogs. Transferring the hosting is not really hard to do, but there are sites which have so many files and it takes a whole day to backup and restore the files. I have already requested the owners of the blogs to clean up their sites and that is to remove the unused themes and plugins to lessen the number of files to be transferred. This will help make the moving of files faster.

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