After Three Years, It Is Now Back To Zero

  • Sumo

After more than 3 years of existence, my PR 2 is now back to PR 0. It seems that Mr. Google made an update.  I feel sad but I believe I should accept that in blogging world page rank is really vulnerable. I don’t also feel disappointed because since the page rank became 1 few months ago, I started slowing down in updating this site. The result, 1 becomes 0 :p.

Before, I was very much eager to improve the ranking of my site but I have suddenly lost the enthusiasm as I became engaged with other tasks. I even prayed for it. I don’t know if the ranking will get better and when. Right now, I am haven’t decided yet if I want to exert efforts to increase the page rank. I’ll just probably don’t mind the rank. I will just post as time permits and opportunity comes. Anyway, opportunities nowadays are also rare 😀

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