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Answered Prayer For A New Laptop

  • Sumo

Remember I mentioned in this post that I was waiting for God’s replacement for my MSI laptop which crashed earlier this year? Guess what? God had answered my prayer! Last Sunday, a friend informed us that he knew someone who was selling his three – month old HP 1000 – 1127TU with i3 processor and 2GB RAM for only half of its original price. We went to our friend’s place last Monday to check the unit. The unit still looked new. According to my friend, the owner is a seaman and will soon return to the ship. He is selling the laptop to use the money to process his document. We took the unit. I believe it was already a good deal.

Since my laptop crashed, I returned to my old desktop. But old desktop is quite old that it could no longer support the applications I need. Whenever it hangs or responds so long, I will pray in my mind for a new machine.  That’s propecia prescription how I did it for the last few weeks. I also included it in our nightly prayer. God has answered it last Monday.

My God sees my need. A laptop with a good specification is not a luxury for me. I need it to do my job efficiently. I need it to extend my working hours while keeping an eye on my daughters in the room at night. It is actually a necessity for me.

I was so glad and thankful that I didn’t have to loan any money to buy it. My blogging earnings for the entire year were sufficient to buy the unit. There still remained some amount for the RAM upgrade and new pair of sandals. Isn’t that is a great answer from God?

I thank God for the unit and for my friend who offered to us the laptop. I am also thankful that He provided the money through blogging opportunities. God is good, good all the time!


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