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God’s Provision During The Low Season

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It’s low – season again.  This means that the tasks I received are minimal. Since the week before last week, I could hardly complete 40 hours a week.  In case you don’t know yet, my income depends on the number of hours I worked on a project, small hours mean low income.

Before, low season would immediately cause me to worry. I’m a great worrier, by the way. I would have started worrying about our monthly bills and expenses and my parent’s support. In times like this, I would have started thinking ways how to augment my income to support my father’s medicine and to provide my parent’s monthly support. I would have probably trying hard to remember the people who owed me so I could collect their debts.  Worst, I would have probably planning to deduct a percentage from my offering. Good thing, I haven’t thought of robbing God of my tithes.  In other words, I’m worrying of the things which have not yet happened and have started thinking of my own ways according to my own might to solve those “soon to happen” problems. The result is an ill – tempered me but I never realized it.

Oh yes Vigorelle, I have faith in God. I have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Saviour. I know that He is Almighty and He is the Great Provider. I even teach it with others. But whenever the low – season arrives, I panic of what will happen to us if new projects and tasks will not come soon.

Recently, God made me realized that I still boxed Him whenever low – season arrives. He showed me my unbelief to Him which hindered Him to work in His mysterious ways. He reminded me of what He is – the All Powerful God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and the Source of everything. He made me realized that my worries are unfounded. He is the one who called us in the ministry so He will surely sustain us, both in low and peak season 🙂 What a relief! Now, I am comforted that whatever happens, the Lord will supply our needs.

I thank God for His unfailing love, for His unconditional love and for His wonderful promise that He shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:9).


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