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Right now, I badly need a more efficient and reliable machine. Although my old machine still does the job, it is already complaining. As a web developer, I need to load several applications simultaneously. But since the applications require huge resource which my old machine lacks, it usually takes time before it loads the application or worst it hangs. I tried uninstalling applications which I don’t need at the moment. I also did system clean up and defragmentation but there is only a very small improvement. I wonder if registry cleaner can do the trick.


Since I don’t have yet the budget for a new machine, I learned to be a minimalist developer. This means that I only load the application I need for the moment then close it immediately once I finished using it to free up some resources. This only means that I could only work on one task at a time since I could not load several applications simultaneously.

I’m thinking of using my income from blogging to buy a new machine. But it is not yet sufficient especially now that the exchange rate is low. I am also contemplating to buy it through deferred payment. There are available 12-month 0% laptops in Thinking Tools. But I haven’t decided yet. I am still waiting for God’s leading on how to acquire it. Definitely the Lord knows my need even before I prayed for it and He will surely provide it in His time. So for now while waiting, I have to adjust to make the most out of my old machine.

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