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Do you have a business card? I noticed that in the Philippines, business cards are not so common. I seldom meet people who give their business cards to the people they meet. Only sales agents of different products whom I know have ready spare in their wallets for their prospective clients.

When I was a kid, I often robbed my father’s wallet for coins whenever he was drunk. Because I was sure then that he would not remember how much money was left in his wallet. During that time, I noticed that aside from his driver’s license and money, there were so many small rectangular-shaped hard papers in his wallet which made his wallet thick. These cards have written names, position and numbers. These small pieces of hard papers are the business cards of semi-high-ranked police officials. He would usually take those cards out and show them to his friends whenever they had drinking sessions.  Later on, I learned that these cards were called business cards.

The first business cards I saw in my father’s wallet were so simple. Nothing as fancy as dj business cards. So when I entered the corporate world and was given my own business cards, I was delighted. Mine were way more formal and fancier than the first business cards I’ve seen. My business card was red to compliment the company’s color with the company’s logo. I never dreamed that I would have my own.

I learned that in other country, business cards were used often especially when first introduced to other people. So when new acquaintances handed me their business cards, I also gave them mine.  I felt so professional that time 😀

I was not able to consume all the cards provided by the company. So I kept them as souvenir when I resigned from that company.

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