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I could no longer remember when was the last time I enjoyed a quiet moment in the house. With a playful toddler and super active six-year old, the house is always in chaos mode. It seems that quietness becomes so expensive since the little girl arrived and the older girl started homeschooling.

So now that both girls are sleeping and dear husband is out, I am cherishing the quietness of the surrounding. The birds are also in quiet mode.  I could not hear them singing. They were mini electronic cigarette probably sleeping too.  I was able to read and meditate upon the Word of God without any other sound that usually distracts me. And I enjoy it!

It is also nice to have this quiet moment once in a while. It relaxes my nerves and refreshes my mind. The Lord truly knows when I badly need it. And I am so thankful that He provides it just after a very stressful day.

What a peaceful blessed Friday morning for me, yay!!! How about your morning?


1 thought on “Quietness

  1. i do my quiet time at night after all my tasks are done. i start my day early these days and i need to drag myself out from the bed. somehow, sleeping earlier is still difficult for me. nasanay na ata ang body clock to sleep late.

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