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Talent In Music Is Important In The Ministry

  • Sumo

In the ministry, I realized that skills and talents in music are important. This is more obvious if the church is a start-up. There must be someone who can at least play a guitar or an organ and a man who can lead the congregational singing. It is also an added help if there is someone who can teach a song to the newly converts for the song offering. Unfortunately, I don’t have the talent and skills in music.

My knowledge level of musical equipments belong to the lowest 😀 I can identify basic instruments but I could Viagra 100mg not play any. I could not identify any equipment for the sound system. I could not identify which one is good and which is not and I could not definitely identify which one is for what. This is one area which I fully rely on Dear Husband.

I really hope I have a talent in music so I can help my Husband in the music ministry. But God didn’t give me this talent for a purpose so I don’t feel any lacking on my part.  I just help my Husband in other area which I am knowledgeable.

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