Could Smart Self-Serviceable Home Appliances Make Us Lazy?

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As a species we are constantly striving to move forward in all areas of life, with art we endeavour to be avant garde, within culture we struggle to be more open minded and within the sphere of technological advances there is a constant push into the unknown.

When it comes to the most popular inventions in our history, they all seem to come under the same type of umbrella: things that entertain us or that make life easier for us. It is no surprise then, that there are many producers of household appliances that are applying the most modern, cutting edge technology to their most recent products.

We could have asked a question concerning laziness fifty years ago when remote controls were being produced for television sets. The same basis of the question remains when we are speaking about Network-ready appliances.

The human condition will always make us want things easier, quicker and more convenient, but laziness is in the eye of the beholder and it is up to the individual as to what they do with modern appliances.

But we have to look at the positives when it comes to the evolution of the common kitchen appliance and realize there really are some upsides that benefit the greater good. For example, a Tumble Dryer bought at can now come with an A-50% efficiency rating, this means the appliance is now 50% more efficient than a standard ‘A’ rating appliance.

Energy efficient appliances really do make for the kitchen and household of the future, whether or not things are becoming more convenient. A Washing Machine found at Appliances Direct would run at the best energy efficiency levels that have ever been designed into a “smart” self-serviceable appliance.

Whether we are getting lazier or not does not fall on the shoulders of new technology. The element of the evolution of technology that should be focused on is that of energy efficiency.

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7 thoughts on “Could Smart Self-Serviceable Home Appliances Make Us Lazy?

  1. I love appliances that are efficient life is a little bit easier because of it. More quality time to spend with my 3 growing kids. As long as in the long run it isn’t harmful to my kids or the environment. I’m all for it.

  2. my answer is partly yes and partly no…there are times when i thank technology for the smart appliances we have today as they help us work efficiently.

  3. I do appreciate how technology has made everything almost effortless – especially housechores. With the help of kitchen gadgets and other appliances, I’m able to cut time for cooking and chores in half which gives me more time to spend with my two little ones.

  4. On a positive side, appliances that make our life easier could give us enough time to spend with our loved ones (like quality time with our partner or playtime with kids).

  5. Yes, it can make us lazy if we allow it. It still depends on the person who owns such self service appliance if they wanted to become lazy or not.

  6. I’m grateful for hi-tech home appliances especially my auto washing machine. Technology could make people lazy. But depends on the person 🙂

  7. In my opinion, people are not getting lazier it’s the thought of it that makes people lazy. Smart self-service home appliances are created in order to make life easier and faster since people nowadays are doing works more than it should have.

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