Cabinets And Drawers

  • Sumo

It has been almost a week since our stay-in young people bade goodbye. It has been a very busy week but thank God we managed very well. It is a big adjustment for all of us here in the house but good thing, we are all coping up by God’s grace. The lost of another pair of hands to do most of the household chores will mean more undone tasks and a more cluttered house.

As I tidy up our things this week, I noticed that cabinets and more drawers will help to keep our things organized and this lessen my tasks every day. Instead of buying a ready-made, Hubby wanted a new shelf to be constructed. He wanted the shelf to have drawers for our other documents.

While hubby is looking for cabinet-maker, I’m checking the net for the shelf design that is not too bulky.  I’m checking for 10 inch drawer slides for the drawers.

I am hoping that Hubby could find a good cabinet-maker very soon so I could start organizing our books and other stuff.

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