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TV is a common appliance of most households. Even the poorest Filipino family may have it in their homes. Some homes even have more than one TV. But most homes have the new generation TVs, the LCD and LED types which can be mounted on wall or placed on flat panel stand. Gone are  first generation TV, the black and white kind of TV with its own cabinet and have sliding front doors. I remember I was so happy when my parents brought home a TV like this when I was in first grade. It was a second hand TV but it still served us for more than 15 years after my parents bought it. It was only replaced with 22″ flat-screen TV (not the flat TV) two years after I started working more than a decade ago (don’t bother compute my age on your mind :D) .  During that time, it was still expensive. If my memory recalls it correctly, that TV cost Php 15,000 and I used my credit card to purchase it in deferred payment.  When I got married I left that TV with my parents and until now they are still using it.

TV becomes a commodity which every family must have except our family. For more than a year now we managed to have no TV at home.  This is not new to our family because we used to have no TV.  We only bought our first TV last 209 but it already gave up last year. Until now we haven’t bought a replacement yet.  I was totally disappointed with the lifespan of the TV and the cost we spent to purchase it. And because we don’t have TV we are not updated of the news and current events. I will only know that there is a storm in our place when my mother text me. She is my informant :D. Without a TV, it seems that we are isolated from the rest of the world.

Buying a new TV always gets the back seat. But the flooding in NCR and its neighboring provinces made me seriously consider saving a budget for a new TV. We also need to know what is happening around us. Right?



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11 thoughts on “Buying A New TV

  1. No TV?!!! I admire you! I don’t really watch TV except for the news (occasionally).

    But my dad, feels he need to put tv in every part of the house. LOL! I’m just waiting for him to install one in the master’s bathroom. Maybe, there I’ll get really hooked.

    Imagine, watching tv while soaking in the tub??? Hahaha!

  2. I’d love to have a new tv too! A flat-screen and big one in my own room. But maybe in the future nalang, when I already have more time to watch the television.. ^^ Sayang if I can’t use it frequently.

    1. Right, sayang kung hindi nagagamit masyado at madali ding masisira. Pero sayang din ang oras mo kung uubusin mo sa kanonood ng TV 😀

  3. Your post about the TV reminds me of our flat screen TV back home. We have a house in Damascus Syria. And we were told that someone went inside our flat and stole the TV, DVD and possibly the microwave oven too 🙁 We can’t take our revenge for now. But I’m sure God will be the one to revenge for us whether in hell or here on Earth.

    Visiting form BC Bloggers Comment Exchange August 8.

  4. Oh…I can’t afford not to have any TV at home Sis. I’m a TVholic. (lol) I admired you for surviving not having one in the house. 🙂

  5. Yes, TV is a must not only for entertainment for for information. I’d like to have a flat screen to but our old TV is still good. I feel guilty buying a new one.

  6. agree! no matter how flat your tv is, when the flood gets it, its worthless unless you still had the warranty, but idk if “flood” is included on that.
    this is the time where i learn how to keep a simple life. 🙂
    stay safe and warm sis!

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