Stories Brought By Continuous Heavy Rain

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It has not been that long yet when the Philippines, particularly the National Capitol Region (NCR) and its neighboring provinces, was devastated by flood due to Typhoon Ondoy. Now it seems that the history repeats itself 🙁 but worse. Many areas in NCR are now flooded just like more than almost three years ago.  Many evacuated to higher places but some insisted to stay in the second floor of their flooded homes hoping that their second floor would be spared from the flood. Death toll rises to 51 according to Inquirer News. But the rain has not stopped yet.  Earlier today the Palace has suspended the classes and both the government and private offices but not early enough to stop the common laborers to report to their works. Thanks to the late notice, they are now stranded in the streets.  And the rain has not fully stopped yet.

Last night I texted my mother and my dear and close friend whose house was one of the many houses flooded three years ago to know their conditions. My mom replied that they were fine. Thank God. My friend replied that the water level of the nearby creek was already rising. She couldn’t sleep while waiting for the rain to stop. She was hoping and praying that what happened during Typhoon Ondoy won’t happen again. I replied that I would pray for them and that the Lord will halt the rain. After I read my Bible and prayed, I immediately fell asleep. But I woke up from time to time to breastfeed my little one. While I breastfed, I also checked my cellphone if there was any message. It was around 5 in the morning when I read her message that their house was flooded again and they were inside the car parked near the gate of the subdivision where they live. The house was knee-level when they left they left the house. She told me it was hard. But the rain has not stopped yet.

When I log on to my fb account, I noticed that several bloggers shared the same photo of a flooded house. I followed the photo and discovered that it was the house of a blogger who lives in a subdivision in Malabon. This blogger was fortunate to have a foreigner friend who asked for prayer and help to rescue them. At the end part of the message of the photo it says “Several of the kids are American children.” I don’t know why this part should be included. Does it add urgency to the fact that they need help? One commented on the thread that it doesn’t matter that some of the children are American. All of them need our prayers which I absolutely agree. But I am glad to know that the family was finally rescued. But still the rain has not stopped yet.

I texted my officemate whom I remembered to be residing in Malabon to know her condition. She replied that she and her sister were not in their house in Malabon but in her Uncle’s.  They were already in the second floor because the flood has penetrated the ground floor of the house. I also asked my officemate if her parents who lived in Malabon have evacuated. According to her, her father didn’t want to leave their house at first but was finally persuaded to stay in her cousin’s house while the rain has not stopped yet.

A former churchmate posted in his wall that some area in Project 8 were already flooded and many church members were affected 🙁 This reminds me of the church members who were devastated during the Typhoon Ondoy. It breaks my heart. But the rain has not stopped yet.

A pastor posted some photos of their flooded church. Good thing, their church is multi-story buildings. The things in the flooded floor were evacuated to the higher-level floors. But the rain has not stopped yet.

There are other sad and heart-breaking stories brought by this non-stop rainfall which I don’t know. Yet the rain has not stopped. Only God has the power to stop the rain. But we could not command the Mighty God to tell the rain to stop. We can pray and plead for mercy and hope that God will answer our prayer with a YES.

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