A Woman’s Accessories Define Her?

  • Sumo

Accessories are women’s nice-to-have in life. If one will just notice, most women usually have at least one accessory in their body. The simplest women usually have an earring and/or a wrist watch the least. The more fashionista a woman is, the more complimented the accessories she wears. Agree? A mild fashionista is contented to have a necklace and a bracelet. An extreme fashionista makes sure her necklace and bracelet compliment her watch and earrings. So if the earrings are opal, the bracelet and necklace are probably made of Peruvian opal beads too. And based on the accessories a woman wears, one can have a hint of her status in life. If the accessory looks expensive, one may assume that the wearer is well-to do. While if the accessory looks too common – it has been worn by many other women – one can say that the accessory is affordable and the wearer may not be that rich.

The above statements are not applicable to me as I don’t wear any accessory 😀 I don’t even wear an earring so if we accidentally bumped into each other, you will not be able to judge my taste and status base on my accessory. But these are simply my observations. Do you agree with my observations?

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