Small Place

  • Sumo

Since Husband and I settled, we have been just renting a room or small house to fit our very limited budget. For this reason, we seldom buy furniture and appliances. What we have are only the necessary. For the furniture we only have a dining table and our bed. For the appliances, we only have a small refrigerator, washing machine, electric fan. Later on we bought an aircon for my daughter who became an asthmatic. When we bought our first TV, we also thought of buying a premier mount so we could just mount on the wall. But our budget didn’t permit us.

So since I’ve been married, I’ve been accustomed to see the house looks crowded and cluttered. We could not buy shelves, cabinets and storage containers to keep our things because there is no place we could place them. Plus, I am not probably a good house-keeper to keep the house organize. Now we are no longer renting (we live in the church parsonage), but still, the place is not big enough for us to build or buy cabinets or storage. As a matter of fact, some of our belongings are still in the box and I don’t know until when they will stay there 😀

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