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Talking about summer, it kind of very hot nowadays here in Panglao. As a matter of fact, the heat of the sun in the skin especially on the face is quite painful. The heat also makes my head ache. So whenever I go out, the next thing I anticipate is headache.

Yesterday morning, we (Hubby, Me, and some church members) went out to give out Gospel Tracks. We brought the kids with us. My Next9 Sling Ring once again served as a big convenience for me and Daughter E. It was very hot. The heat of the sun passed through our umbrella. So I used the tail of the Next9 Sling Ring to cover Daughter E’s head as I handed out the Gospel Tracks. I was also wearing a jacket, not the marmot ski jacket type but soft clothe type. This is to protect my arms from the heat of sun. Here in Panglao, jackets are not only for the rainy season but also for summer time.

Panglao is Catholic – dominated municipality. Most people observed the Lenten season here with silence. I observed that this was one of the best times to distribute tracks because most people were not busy. They just sit in their homes and they have ample time to read the Gospel Tracks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to deal anyone for salvation. I prayed that the Gospel Tracks will be used as an instrument so that people who received them will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as their own personal Savior.

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