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Tomorrow, with my husband and daughters, we will be going to Alicia Bohol to attend the Pastors’ Wives Monthly Fellowship. I was drawn to be the insight speaker for this month’s fellowship. The draw was done two months ago so I had enough time to pray and prepare. It was really hard to think of a lesson to share with the other pastors’ wives specially knowing that some of them are in the ministry longer than I am. But I have no plan of turning down the task. For me it is the Lord who assigned me to do this task.

Since the time my name was drawn, I have started praying for the lesson that God wanted me to share with my fellow pastors’ wives. God implanted to my heart to share the Discovery Series entitled What Can I Do With My Worry given to me by a friend years ago. It just suddenly re-appeared after so many years of being out of sight.

God used the booklet for my enlightenment first. It encouraged me to write this post. Since the booklet was a blessing to me personally, God imparted to my heart to share it to the other pastors’ wives who might be in the same situation.

I am fervently praying that the lesson will also be a blessing to the other pastors’ wives. I have also been praying for utterance and wisdom as I share the lesson. May the name of the Lord be exalted and not mine. I am praying that no glory will be given to my account instead all the glory will be given to my God who is the source of everything.


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  1. This is so nice! I would love to listen to you speak about it since I worry a lot. That would be a welcome lesson for a wife and mom like me.

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