Daily Vacation Bible School 2013

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While most Christian Churches (including our mother church in Project 8) have completed their Daily Vacation Bible School, ours will still be on May 29 – 31. It will just be a three-day event instead of five days. The church’s manpower and finances could only support three days but I am hoping and praying that next year, the church will be able to host for five days.

This year’s Daily Vacation Bible School will be its first here in the church since we came here last January 2011. Our theme is Knowing Christ: Jesus, My Saviour and Friend.  As I mentioned, the manpower of the church is so limited but this is not a hindrance for us not pursue this year’s DVBS. But since it is limited, we have to adjust the number of classes. Instead of per grade level, we will only have 2 classes for the grade-schoolers and 1 for preschoolers. Each class will have 1 main teacher and one story teller.  The preschooler’s class will have additional assistant teachers to help the main teacher with the class management. There is also a special class for high-schoolers if there will be any participant for that level.

The DVBS volunteers and I had a short meeting last Sunday. The total number of volunteers including those I volunteered is 15 which includes a driver, an 11-year old jeepney captain, four 7th grader main teachers, 4 class storytellers which includes myself, two assistant teachers, a 77 year-old missionary journey storyteller and two ladies of the church who will cook for the snacks of the kids. I discussed briefly the responsibility of each volunteer. I distributed the lessons and discussed our schedule on the coming weeks.

I am excited for this year’s DVBS since it will be the pilot. And just like me, the volunteers are also excited. I am praying that many kids will know and accept Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour and will also remain as faithful attenders of our Children’s Sunday School. I am excited to see how God will do great things with so little resources that we have.

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  1. Oh, this is one of the highlights of our summer breaks back then. Good you’re having it in your church despite the challenges. God bless you and your ministry.

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