Most Tiring Day In A Wife’s Life

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As a wife, what is the most tiring day for you? I believe you will agree with me if I say that the most tiring day of our lives is not the day when we are loaded with so much office tasks neither the days that we performed so much household chores. It is when we have unsettled differences with the man who sleeps beside us and that is none other than our husbands. Agree?

I noticed that unsettled dispute with my beloved Husband adds physical weariness to the emotional load I’m carrying. The result, FATIGUE. The solution is simple, right? SETTLE the misunderstanding the soonest possible time. But when is the soonest possible time? Ephesians 4:26 says “let not the sun go down upon your wrath.” So the best time is before going to bed. But for someone like me who has no ability to open up what I feel, it is a big challenge. Most of the time, I just let the problem pass without online blackjack online letting my husband knows what is bothering me. If I am hurt, I cry in secret. I don’t share it with anyone so nobody would know that I am hurting except the Lord. I don’t trust my marital issues with other people because I believe they are NOT their concern. Who knows in the future, the “best friend” is the “worst enemy“. Psalm 118:8 says “[It is] better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.“  But when the the issue is settled, the weariness of the body disappears. So it is best that the issue is settled as soon as possible. If not that night, then the next day. Once it is settled, never keep any marks of anger nor grudges and never bring it up again on the succeeding issues.

Do you have the ability to speak up your feelings with your husband immediately or we on the same boat in which we buy some time before settling the issue?

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4 thoughts on “Most Tiring Day In A Wife’s Life

  1. Hi Mylene,
    When my husband and I argue, my husband sometimes go to bed with issues unsettled. And like you, I can’t sleep with that. I either feel hurt (because he didn’t care for how I feel) or I feel angry (because my expectations are not met. Expectations like he should listen more, or should say sorry, etc.).

    But because we love each other and we have God at the center of our relationship, those issues are settled before the day ends, or the day after before going to work.

    As for your question, yes I have the ability to speak my mind. To the extent that I sometimes hurt him unknowingly. But I always say sorry and try my best not to hurt his feelings again. So far, I’m kind of succeeding. (Or maybe, he just loves me to always forgive me or understand me, or just shrug my tantrums off)

    1. Hi Ms. Beth,

      Thank you for your input. I think husbands are less sensitive noh? May mga bagay na sa atin issue sa kanila wala lang kaya nakakatulog sila 😀
      And having God in the center of the relationship is a big deal. It holds our family intact harmoniously.

  2. I think that a husband and wife should be transparent with each other and that they should be comfortable and trusting each other enough to discuss issues. Unresolved issues often don’t die a natural death but they somehow fester like an infected wound.

    1. Hi Ms. Aileen. I think you have a point specially if the unresolved issue is being brought back again and again and again. In my case, once I decided to let it pass, I no longer bring it up when another different issue comes up. Because there are instances that I realized in the later time that the issue I thought is not really an issue 😀 so I just forget and for go :D. But for big issues they should really need to be settled and to have a good closure.

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