Could Smart Self-Serviceable Home Appliances Make Us Lazy?

As a species we are constantly striving to move forward in all areas of life, with art we endeavour to be avant garde, within culture we struggle to be more open minded and within the sphere of technological advances there is a constant push into the unknown. When it comes to the most popular inventions in our history, they all…

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Fear of Getting Old?

It used to be one of the things I’m afraid of, getting old. But as I become more matured, my fear becomes lesser since it’s inevitable for us to reach the age in which our young people gets irritated with us. I just wish me and my hubby will have the means to support ourselves by the time we reach…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Leave me some roasted turkey, will you? 🙂 Source: Uploaded by user via Whitney on Pinterest


‘Annie’, My Baby

About four years ago, I’ve enrolled to a driving school with my brother, but my driving skills didn’t go that far. Now, my brother is driving his own car, while I am still relying on him and other members of my family to drive for me. I used to think that I can always have them to drive for me,…

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