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Fear of Getting Old?

  • Sumo

It used to be one of the things I’m afraid of, getting old. But as I become more matured, my fear becomes lesser since it’s inevitable for us to reach the age in which our young people gets irritated with us.

I just wish me and my hubby will have the means to support ourselves by the time we reach the age of seniority. Having sufficient funds to buy cheap hearing aids, maintenance medicines and other stuffs old people need is enough so that we won’t depend on our kids. That’s what I hope to happen in the future.

How about you? Are you afraid of getting old?


9 thoughts on “Fear of Getting Old?

  1. what i fear more is that I leave this world without teaching my kids enough to make it to this crazy world.

  2. I am not really afraid of getting old because every year for me is better than the last. Now, fear of looking old… sometimes. hehehe

  3. I used to be really concerned with getting old, too. But what can we do really? It all happens to everyone, to everything. Let’s all learn to accept that.

  4. Not really of getting old per se but more of the many ailments that usually come with aging. I’m afraid to get Type II Diabetes coz I can’t live without sweets. I’m afraid of suffering from stroke or something like it coz my kids are still too young. Etcetera…

    But then, life is too short to spend worrying or being afraid so I’m enjoying each and every day of my life. Fearless and Free. ๐Ÿ™‚

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