Mr. Pacquiao’s Reaction On His Loss to Mr. Marquez

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When I heard the news that Pacquiao loss to Marquez, I thought it was just a joke considering their previous fights. I only believed it when a member in the church confirmed it and shared how Pacquiao lost based on what he saw on TV coverage. There are so many reactions of course. Some blame Mr. Pacquiao’s loss to his new faith, some blame it to politics and some it blame Mr. Pacquiao himself.  But I liked this photo which I saw in Facebook.

I think his reaction is very manly. I can say that he is matured enough to accept his loss.


I am not actually a Pacman fan. But I’m interested to know what will be his next decision.  Will this be Mr. Pacquiao’s decision factor to retire from this sport or will he still fight? I don’t think he is still fighting for money because with all the income he earned from boxing, he has more than enough.  He has more than enough to look for houses for sale in outer banks and invest on one for his relaxation time. Whatever his decision be, it will still generate different reactions.

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16 thoughts on “Mr. Pacquiao’s Reaction On His Loss to Mr. Marquez

  1. He actually has handled his defeat very well. And yes, he seems quite humbled by the whole experience. It probably opened his eyes to recognize that he isn’t as invincible as others may think he is.

  2. Manny is a humble and generous person. That I admire of him. I like home as a boxer. I love the intensity of his fights but I also believe he needs to retire. Hello, Parkinson’s. He does not need to prove anything to anyone, including himself.

  3. I think he lost because he lacked training. Four months wasn’t enough. He already had a lot on his plate – politics, entertainment world, family, religion and less on what he does best which is boxing.

  4. I’m still all for Manny. Still a big fan. I never watch his fights live because I get so nervous. I only watch the replays. Strangely enough, his last fight, I was the first one to sit on our couch and watch the fight live. Unfortunately, it did not end as everyone expected. Kudos to Manny though for humbly accepting his defeat. 🙂

  5. Oops, to add to my first comment, everybody has their own take on the issue (and his mom also has a mouthful to say). Maybe he should do some soul searching and decide whether he should retire or continue because he is getting older.

  6. Yeah me too, I’m not a fan of Pacman as well. Pero at his age I really feel like he needs to retire na. Marami ng Hermes si Jinkee and they have a Political life back home. It’s enough hehehe! But kidding aside, I’m so proud that he still shows a smile when he woke up after being knocked out. Go Pacman parin!

    CE 12/11

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