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As you know, we don’t have a TV at home. If we want to watch a movie, we either rent or buy a DVD or we watch it online. But we only do it on a Friday or if Daughter S gets a privilege reward for a job well-done.  Sometimes when I feel so stressed, I sneak to watch Korean film online. But this was totally different when I was still single. I love to watch TV series. I usually went home in hurry when I have a series to watch. When VCD copies of series became a hit, I bought them and watch the entire series in one sitting. Now, I realized that it was just a waste of money on the VCDs hehehe…

You may say that I was addicted with TV series. I have to agree with you.  But that was before when I still don’t have a husband and daughters to take care of. But now, even though the temptation to watch series is very strong, I do my best not to start it otherwise I might fall into addiction again. To control my desire to watch online episodes is not easy since I am in front of the computer most of my waking hours. Now, I don’t have to spend money just to indulge because they are widely available in the internet.  When I say widely, I mean there are now other sites aside from YouTube which provides online episodes. But my desire to finish early with my online tasks and spend the remaining hours with my love one keeps me away from giving-in.

So far, I’ve been successful because until now I haven’t started watching any series again. When I am about to open a browser to start searching for online episodes, I will immediately think the things that I need to finish for that day. But of course, God’s help is the most important factor why I can still say no to online series.

How about you, is there something that you are keeping yourself from indulging?


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