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Excited for Tomorrow’s Big Day

  • Sumo

Tomorrow is the big day of my Daughter E!  I think she’s also excited because she’s been happy the whole day. She’s been laughing even before she dozed off a while ago. When she saw the room we decorated for her birthday, she beamed! She wanted to reach ceiling with “bandiritas”.  It is a very busy day for us in the house so I decided to give my Daughter S a grand holiday from school work which she accepted with delight! I am juggling my day tasks job and the preparation tasks for Daughter E’s big day. I am so thankful to some of Daughter E’s friends (the church kids) who arrived to give me a hand and of course to my ever loyal “house companion”. Without them, I don’t think I can do much. I’m pretty sure my body will give up even if I take floradix or any energy-giving supplements.

I’ll go for now but I’ll surely post some pictures of tomorrow’s event as soon as I have the time.


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