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Goodbye February, Hello March

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February was a combination of good and not-so-good events. The month started with lousy internet connection until it was totally gone. My internet connection’s downtime lasted for more than a week. I made follow-ups on a daily basis but I it didn’t help to fix the problem faster. I heard from the technicians that GLOBE TELECOMS has started upgrading their facilities here in Bohol. I hope and pray that it will improve the stability and efficiency of my internet connection.

The next problem I encountered this month was my printer. For the second time, my printer has to go back to the supplier for fix. But this time, according to the service center, a “cotton bud” was stuck inside the printer. If this is true, then the problem was a user-problem. That “cotton-bud” chose to slip inside the printer in the time that I badly need a printer for my  second daughter’s birthday preparations. I tried to use my old HP Deskjet  printer but it decided to retire after serving me for six years. My another multi-function old HP printer would cost me P1,400 for new set of inks. I only need to add few more hundreds to buy a new printer. So hubby decided to avail the new HP Deskjet Ink Advantage K010 series. This printer will served as a backup printer while my Epson L200 is still with the supplier. In fairness, I like its performance and the quality of its printouts even in draft mode.

Finally, the last and worst problem I encountered this month was my laptop. Before, my laptop suddenly turned black but it could still be turned on. Last week, it suddenly shut down and could no longer be turned on. We brought it to a service center in the downtown. According to them, the problem was with the hard disk. Thinking Tools, the store where we usually bought our electronic needs, was out-of-stock of hard disks for laptop. Only 2 stores had hard ProEnhance disk for laptop but unfortunately, it was so pricey and the brand was not familiar. The price is Php1ooo higher than the price of Thinking Tools. So I requested my friend in Manila to help me find a cheaper hard disk. Good thing, she was able to buy me one and sent it to me via LBC.  But after I installed the Windows and SQL Server, the problem still occurred. This means that the real issue is not the hard disk 🙁 I spent for a new hard disk and shipping but the problem was not resolved. Awts!

Before the month finally ended, two events redeemed the not-so-good events. First of course was my daughter’s first birthday. We don’t have so much food and extravagant program but we had a great day with the kids who came to greet her and celebrate with us.  I was very satisfied with the outcome of the costume made for her and the dress of my eldest. The small celebration went very well last Wednesday. My daughter seemed to enjoy the attention given to her during her BIG Day! Of course we didn’t forget to thank the Lord for His goodness to the child and to us as a family. We also prayed that she will grow up with so much love for the Lord and for the ministry.

Another event which brought tons of encouragement to me was the Pastors’ Wives Fellowship which I attended yesterday in Talibon Bohol. Though the attendance was very small, I learned so many things from the lessons presented by the speaker and the experiences of other pastors’ wives. I prayed that the Lord will help me apply the lessons I learned in my life and in the ministry. I am looking forward to the next Pastors’ Wives Fellowship. I’ll pray that more pastors’ wives will attend and support the event.

That how my February goes. How about you? What happened to your February?

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