Monthly Summary

Goodbye February, Hello March

February was a combination of good and not-so-good events. The month started with lousy internet connection until it was totally gone. My internet connection’s downtime lasted for more than a week. I made follow-ups on a daily basis but I it didn’t help to fix the problem faster. I heard from the technicians that GLOBE TELECOMS has started upgrading their…

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Excellent Service of Globe Telecoms

I wonder what is happening with Globe Telecoms‘ service, It’s deteriorating and very disappointing for me as a subscriber. My first disappointment was when they offered me a better package for a minimal increase in my monthly fee as my loyalty reward but when I availed it, they told me that our area was unserviceable. It is so frustrating, right?…

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Work Related

My Globe DSL Was Down

I have no internet connection the whole day 🙁 I couldn’t also contact the customer service of Globe Telecoms, which is my current internet provider. I could not also send an SMS via my mobile phone which is also connected to Globe. Lack of internet connection ruined my schedule 🙁 I am hurrying to finish the remaining tasks for the current…

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