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My Globe DSL Was Down

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I have no internet connection the whole day 🙁 I couldn’t also contact the customer service of Globe Telecoms, which is my current internet provider. I could not also send an SMS via my mobile phone which is also connected to Globe. Lack of internet connection ruined my schedule 🙁

I am hurrying to finish the remaining tasks for the current Milestone I am working on because I need to get my pay as soon as possible. My payables which need to be paid are piling up including the annual premium of my life insurance. I already received the anniversary reminder from SunLife for my annual payment.  And since I am no longer a regular employee, I need to pay my SSS quarterly premiums voluntarily. Besides the two, the bills of my DSL and phones have arrived and are almost due. My daughter’s payment for her PACES also needs to be completed before the start of the school year. So I really need to hurry the completion of this milestone as my payment depends on it. The internet connection interruption didn’t help at all.

I wish I live in other country where I can file a legal action against the provider for the inconvenience it caused me. But I will surely demand for a rebate for the hours their service was down. I think it is just fair, right?

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4 thoughts on “My Globe DSL Was Down

  1. I used to have Globe and they’re a pain on the b*tt! For the whole time that I’m subscribed to them there was never I time I had to call and complain, and I really snapped and told them that they’re making me a fiend each time I try to talk to them about my bad internet connection. I couldn’t perform my teaching tasks, I could blog but I had to use my blogdesk just to publish a simple entry and I hated that I had to make a trip to the net cafe’s in the middle of the night just to teach English.

    I hope things are doing well with you now 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m totally with you on demanding for a rebate. Our internet connection at home has been down since yesterday too, and Globe’s Technical Support is beyond crappy.

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