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It was quite late when I realized that May 8 was this year’s Mother’s Day. But not too late because I was still able to prepare a little token for every mother in our church.

I dragged my husband to drive me Tagbilaran after my morning Good news class last Saturday. It was raining but no one could look after my daughter so we had to bring her with us. I don’t want her to be left alone without any supervision of an adult after the “incident” done to her with the other kid while they were playing. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, our service vehicle here is a single motorcycle. So travelling an 18 km is not very comfortable, much more if it is raining. Plus, I could not also sit like my husband because of my skirt.

Our destination was NOVO, a store in Tagbiliran which sells cheap goods. At first, I was thinking to buy cellphone cases for the mommies but I realized that here, not all mommies have a cellphone. While looking around, I noticed the mugs. I checked if there was a mug that would fit to my budget. Then I saw a mug which is not expensive yet cute. I asked my husband if it is okay to give it as a token. I got his approval so I asked for 20 pieces from the saleslady. Unfortunately, there were only 18 pieces available. Then I included 5 pieces of crepe paper which I would use for the wrapper.

It was still raining when we went home. Travelling home was more challenging with 18 mugs inside our backpack. Hubby volunteered to carry the bag on his front. While I tried to cover my daughter with the pieces of cloth I brought with me. I told my daughter not to sleep because it would be more difficult and uncomfortable for all of us. But daughter plead that she was really sleepy and I noticed that her head was sliding to the left. I asked my husband to stop for a while so I could copy their sitting position and support my daughter.

When we got home, I started wrapping the mugs. I also printed out a small cards with greetings. The wrapper added some cuteness to the token.  I was satisfied with the outcome 🙂 Though the preparation was in haste, it wasn’t so obvious 😀 The Lord will always pave a way if it is done for His work.


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