Life Insurance Anniversary Month

  • Sumo

May is my life insurance anniversary month. This means that the annual premium of my life insurance is almost due. I received a notification from Sun Life Canada, my provider, reminding me about it couple of days ago.

I usually pay my annual premiums during when my 13th month is released. But now that I am no longer a regular employee, I have no 13th month pay to expect. I have to pay it once I get some money. I can also pay it in staggered basis until I completed the entire amount. It is not tedious for me to pay the premium little by little since I do it online. BDO e-banking supports online payment of Sun Life’s premiums.

My life insurance plan’s premium is almost complete. If I am not mistaken, the whole life insurance will be fully paid in two years time. If God permits, after this, I want to invest on mutual funds for my daughter’s education.

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