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A Reader

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My daughter loves book as much as she love watching Dora videos.  When we visit a store in Tagbiliran which is known for selling cheap goods, my daughter discovered that the store is also selling children’s books. While I was looking for something I could give to the Sunday schoolers as rewards, my daughter was also doing her own shopping. When we met, she handed me the the things she want to buy for herself.

Here are the things she picked from the shelves:

A Dora Book worth 30 pesos. (less than a dollar)

A Winnie The Pooh  story book with four short stories worth 50 pesos.

A Dora activity book worth 15 pesos.

A set of stamper worth 30 pesos.

And our little reader.  She can’t actually read yet, she’s just fond of scanning the pages. But before she sleeps, I read the books for her.

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7 thoughts on “A Reader

  1. Those are nice reads! Did you ever get the Dora beanie?

    Please drop by at my BLUE, when you have time. Thanks!

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